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Calls for Papers

Below, find the call for the Society’s panel sessions for 2013– please post it to your departments and pass it to any colleagues you may have who may be interested in the topic!

Society for the Public Understanding of the Middle Ages Call for Papers 2013

We invite abstracts for the following sessions at the 2013 ICMS and IMC. Abstracts (between 250 and 500 words) should be submitted electronically to publicmiddleages@gmail.com to the attention of Paul Sturtevant and Megan Arnott, and should indicate clearly your mailing address and phone number. If you need special equipment for the talk (digital projector, etc.), let us know when you submit your abstract. All abstract submissions are due by 22nd September, 2012.

ICMS Kalamazoo, 2013
The Middle Ages in Modern Politics

What the public does with the medieval past is as important as their understanding of it. One of the many ways that the public’s understanding of the Middle Ages is used is through political discourse. The Middle Ages offers a powerful precedent for a variety of causes—anything from the Anglo-Saxon democratic ideal to the religious conflict of the Crusades can, and has been, used by politicians and political groups in the present to promote their agendas.

We invite any papers pertaining to issues where ideas about the Middle Ages have been used to further a political agenda.

IMC Leeds, 2013
The Public Understanding of the Middle Ages Gone Wrong

The public is often said to hold distorted views of the Middle Ages, based on nostalgia, fantasy, or antiquated scholarship. But why does this matter? One answer to this important question is that the Middle Ages can, and has been used for negative purpose in the public sphere. Ideas of the medieval past have been employed to justify atrocities, promote antipathies, give credence to conspiracy theories, encourage divisions and more. The Nazis’ endless fascination with the Middle Ages is the most infamous example, but only one of them.

We invite papers addressing any topic where ideas about the Middle Ages have been used to negative purpose in the modern world.

For a PDF version of this call for papers, click here.

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