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ICMS Kalamazoo Programme 2011

These are the events being sponsored by the Society for the Public Understanding of the Middle Ages at the ICMS in Kalamazoo.  We have two events—

1)      Society for the Public Understanding of the Middle Ages Business Meeting

Day: Thursday   Time: 5:30pm    Place: Valley I, 110

I would love to meet all of our current and any prospective members at the meeting. This meeting will be a particularly important one. We will be discuss the route(s) the society will be taking for 2011-2012, and how to increase our membership, plans for developing the website and potentially instigating some new activities for 2012.  I will also be asking for volunteers for leadership positions in the society, particularly to help with developing the profile and activities of the society in North America. I am keen for the Society to get off the ground in North America, but, based as I am in the UK, I am looking to work together with people based in North America on further events, paper sessions or other activities for the society in the coming year.

2)      The Society’s Inaugural Paper Session: The Central Issue: What does the public actually think about the Middle Ages?

Session: 528    Day: Sunday, 15 May     Time: 8:30AM    Place: Fetzer 2020

We have two great papers on the agenda:

Paper 1: “The Perceptions of Medieval Heritage amongst Modern Master Falconers”, Leslie Jacoby, San Jose State University

Paper 2: “’Viking’ North America: The North American Public’s
Understanding of its Norse Heritage”, Megan Arnott, University of
Western Ontario

This looks to be a very exciting inaugural paper session, and I hope
to see you all there!

Paul Sturtevant


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